• KathyDan Moore
    KathyDan Moore
  • Sarah Gortenburg, LCSW
    Sarah Gortenburg, LCSW
  • Dr Aliya Fonseca
    Dr Aliya Fonseca
  • Eric Groh
    Eric Groh
  • Danielle Hunt
    Danielle Hunt
  • Jessi Collins, LCSW-C
    Jessi Collins, LCSW-C
  • Jennifer Posner, LCSW-C
    Jennifer Posner, LCSW-C
  • Jenn Brandel
    Jenn Brandel
  • Lisa Grubbs, Ph.D, LPC-S, CSC, NCC
    Lisa Grubbs, Ph.D, LPC-S, CSC, NCC
  • Na'imah F. Sedegah
    Na'imah F. Sedegah
  • Karen Kerschmann, LCSW
    Karen Kerschmann, LCSW
  • Mia Bush
    Mia Bush
  • Tonya Celeste Agan, LCSW, PIP
    Tonya Celeste Agan, LCSW, PIP
  • Shannon Higgins Peake, M.A., LPC-S
    Shannon Higgins Peake, M.A., LPC-S
  • Elizabeth M. Klaers, LCSW, ACSc
    Elizabeth M. Klaers, LCSW, ACSc
  • Danielle Schlagel, LPC, LAC
    Danielle Schlagel, LPC, LAC
  • Julia L. Roy, MA, LPC-S, CART
    Julia L. Roy, MA, LPC-S, CART
  • Aleta E. Strickland, Ed.S, NCSP
    Aleta E. Strickland, Ed.S, NCSP
  • Kate Goree, MA, LPC, NCC
    Kate Goree, MA, LPC, NCC
  • Yvonne M. Fall, LPC
    Yvonne M. Fall, LPC
  • Patricia Alagna
    Patricia Alagna
  • Tatiana Vazquez De Miguel, LMHC, MBA
    Tatiana Vazquez De Miguel, LMHC, MBA
  • Meghann D. Ellis, LICSW
    Meghann D. Ellis, LICSW
  • Rosie Behr, LCSW-C
    Rosie Behr, LCSW-C
  • Eric Endlich, Ph.D.
    Eric Endlich, Ph.D.

Welcome to Supervisor Directory

Are you in need of clinical hours?

Your current employer is not providing enough supervision?

Are you a licensed professional but would like a qualified professional to discuss clinical issues?

Are you a intern seeking an internship?

 Our website  has Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors & Licensed Marriage & Family therapist ready to provide you with the supervision you need. 

Please note that all information provided on this site is provided by the supervisor; If you notice a discrepancy in information contact the supervisor directly  we are not responsible for  any licensing issues involved with supervision. Please contact the yor state's licensing board if you have questions. It is highly recommended you verify a supervisor prior to initiating services.

Recently Added Listings

  • KathyDan Moore

    KathyDan Moore

    5348 1st Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

    Get quality supervision with a highly skilled and experienced practitioner for marriage and family therapy. Let’s set up a meeting (no-charge, of course!) to see if we are a fit.
  • Sarah Gortenburg, LCSW

    Sarah Gortenburg, LCSW

    Arlington, VA

    I have been in the social work field for 13 years working in various areas including: foster care, adult protective services, substance abuse, inpatient medical work. Currently I work with teenagers who abuse substances. I am available to provide supervision to interested MSW's who are pursuing their LCSW in the state of Virginia. My approach includes getting a better understanding of your work and clientele and using a combination of CBT and other brief modalities such as solution based therapy to approach your work. Please contact me with questions!
  • Dr Aliya Fonseca

    Dr Aliya Fonseca

    237 Avocado Avenue Suite #105

    I am a Clinical Psychologist holding 2 licenses one in Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counselor. I have been a clinical supervisor for over 10 yeas truly enjoying the opportunity to empower others in the field. I am multicultural. I am approved to supervise ASW, MFT, LPC associates & Clinical Interns
  • Eric Groh

    Eric Groh

    2801 Buford HWY NE Ste 550B Atlanta GA 30329

    My supervision philosophy is similar to my therapy: I believe that with my guidance you have the ability to be a great therapist. As former President of the Georgia Composite Board of PC, SW and MFT's, I processed over 7000 LPC applications and 500 licensee complaints during a 7 year appointment. Supervision should be enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. Counseling is hazardous and stressful--clinical supervision shouldn't be. I employ a moderately structured approach that enables supervisees the room to grow, take risks and make mistakes yet also have the safety net I can provide as an experienced and authoritative therapist. A skilled supervisor should guide you with confidence and assist with making the difficult decisions that every new therapist faces.
  • Danielle Hunt

    Danielle Hunt

    715 E. 4th Street, Richmond VA 23224

    Providing supervision towards LPC licensure
  • Jessi Collins, LCSW-C

    Jessi Collins, LCSW-C

    Annapolis, MD

    Jessi is a board certified supervisor who greatly enjoys providing both individual and group supervision. She has extensive experience helping to successfully prepare LGSWs for the LCSW-C exam in terms of content and test-stress management. Professionally, Jessi has provided outpatient psychotherapy to adults, transitional-age youth (ages 16-24), couples, families, and groups since 2009. She is competent in the use of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic approach, Solution-Focused treatment, Motivational Interviewing, crisis intervention, psychoeducation, diagnosis, assessment and evaluation, treatment analysis and planning. Jessi has clinical experience with, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, bipolar and mood disorders, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, anger management, grief/loss, family and relationship conflicts, stress management, and low self-esteem. She has worked extensively with individuals affected by domestic violence, persons with legal backgrounds, those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, and older adults with chronic medical issues.
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