Cathy Ladson, MA, LPCS


I began my supervision experience in 2010 by supervising intern/practicum students which grew into to supervising provisionally licensed individuals. As a counselor, I have been formally trained and have counseling experiences in mental health working with children and adults in an array of mental health settings. I’ve worked with clients ranging from age 7 to adulthood via individual, family and group counseling sessions as well as providing mental health evaluations/assessments. I have experience working with adults – particularly adult females with trauma and domestic violence, with specialized focus on children/adolescents and their families. In addition to trauma and domestic violence work, I also specialize in anger management, depression, behavior modification techniques, ethnic/cultural issues, and family therapy. I ascribe to a developmental model of supervision in which early in the relationship I provide intense supervision, including assessment taped therapy sessions, frequent homework assignments, role playing, etc. As you progress in skill development, knowledge and competence you will be given more responsibility and the supervision will be less intense. We will always share 100% of the responsibility. As you develop professionally, I will encourage you to exercise using more judgment and confidence in your skills and decision making abilities.

Are you a Board Approved Supervisor? Yes
License Type LPC-S
Licensing Board Name NCBLPC
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I offer individual and group supervision. Please contact me for more information.

Address Charlotte
City Charlotte
State NC
Zip Code 28269
Phone Number 612-388-6614.
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