Social Work Supervision: Learn from my mistakes!

May 28, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Social Work Supervision Tips

While it should of taken me 2 years to be eligible to take my LCSW exam in the State of Maryland  it took me approximately 4 years! This was due to being uneducated and naive.

I started off on the right path after i graduated, I quickly took my LGSW exam and passed!  I can honestly say that I thought  this was all I had to achieve in term of being a licensed social worker. I barely knew about needing supervision in  order to take the LCSW  exam. I also assumed that employers were required to provide supervision but I was wrong.  I later learned that this was a additional benefit/ service that was provided not mandatory.

I had several employers who promised that I would be supervised but at times this never happened. One day during a meeting we were told  ” Supervision is your responsibility”. I always assumed that this was a service that all employers had to provide but nevertheless to say from that day on, I made supervision my priority.  I vowed to never take a job unless there was a board approved supervisor

I have shorten my long story but just wanted some to learn from my mistakes so here are some tips

1. If you are in graduate school make it a priority to attend any workshops on licensing and supervision. if this is not available speak with your academic advisor.

2. Become very familiar with your State Board concerning licensing, supervision, CEU etc. If you are confused about the regulations contact your board directly. Do not rely on others to provide you with this information. Learn the different licensures and the requirements to obtain them

3. Maintain records, log, and contract with your supervisor. If you leave an employer make sure your paperwork is signed before you leave. Tracking down your ex-supervisor may be hard and having this person complete and sign documents may be a hassle

4. Make sure the person who is providing the supervision is BOARD APPROVED. Just because they are supervisor at your job does not mean they are BOARD APPROVED. There is a big difference between being supervised because your employer mandates this vs being supervised to fulfill licensing requirements.

5. Understand that supervision is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If your employer is not providing you with the supervision that you need you will need to make some tough decision, do not stand by promises of supervision because this may never happen.

6. There are supervisors outside your employment but understand they will charge you a fee for their service but it may be worth it. is a platform to help connect you with a supervisor in your state. Again check with your state board on whether you are able to obtain supervision outside your employer. Some states do find this unethical.