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Social work students- New graduates- Now What?

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First off I would like to say CONGRATS to all 2013 social work, counseling and sychology student!

You probably have been anticipating this day for years and now you have completed your academics and ready to start your career but realize you dont know where to start!

So you go online searching for a job and realize that most positions require a license.  Don’t panic just yet, there are positions that do not require a license but may be very limited.

Therefore my first advice to take your license exam as soon as you have graduate.  Some people choose to take their time, however you just completed your academic o the lessons should be fresh already.

Secondly, when seeking employment find an employer that provides supervision! By supervision I mean a board approved supervisor to provide supervision for your licensure hours.  If your employer does not provide supervision you may want to contract with a supervisor and pay out of pocket.  I know, you just finished school and have limited funds but it will benefit you in the long run. You can check out for a supervisor or your state NASW.  Also check with your regulating board to see whether you can pay a supervisor for services.  In some states it is ” illegal” to pay for supervision.

Third, keep and maintain record of your supervision sessions.  You may find that you have several supervisor and it is your responsibility to maintain records.  Prior to any supervisor leaving your employer, get your paperwork signed!

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