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Licensure supervision for Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASWs) and Associate Marriage and Family Therapists in Los Angeles & Orange Counties--individual and group options; remote/internet-based supervision also available throughout California.

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Supervision style

When I was completing my MSW program and acquiring hours toward licensure, I was sometimes frustrated by supervisors who liked to analyze clients or talk theory but offered very little in terms of practical solutions. As a supervisor I strive to be the kind of supervisor I would like to have had by doing the following:

       ·         Suggest clear intervention strategies that supervisees can readily apply.

·         Create an environment in which those I supervise are free to be honest and make mistakes and feel safe in doing so.

·         Discuss expectations on both sides, which augments freedom and creates a sense of safety within the supervisor/supervisee relationship.

·         Enhance this feeling of safety by encouraging supervisees to have a sense of humor and by having one myself.

·         View supervision as a collaborative process, using inquiry and discussion to promote discovery.

·         Recognize in group supervision that the group’s knowledge and wisdom is greater than any one individual’s, including my own.

I am approachable and personable, while still encouraging high quality work from those I supervise. My open, non-threatening personality, flexibility and sense of humor help me create a safe environment. I relate in a friendly, light-hearted way rather than as a distant authority figure, and I am committed to supervisees’ success and professional development. The things I emphasize most strongly in supervision are self-awareness, ethical practice, development and awareness of one’s own clinical style, creativity and humor. That last one may surprise some, but I’ve found that humor is important both in work with clients and in supervision. I like to provide multiple practical suggestions so the supervisee can choose the ones that best fit her/his personal style and the client. I also emphasize the importance of self-care, both for supervisees and clients.

Supervision Experience

I have supervised at least 16 ASWs and 11 IMFs, as well as over 30 MSW Interns, 12 MFT Trainees, and five BSW Interns. These have been in the following settings:

 ·         Domestic violence prevention and treatment focused family service agency (Assistance League, Hollywood)

·         Private family practice (Turning Point)

·        Shelter home program for abused children and their mothers (The Eli Home, Anaheim)

·         ·        Community college Student Health Centers—mental health component (Los Angeles Southwest College and East Los Angeles College)

·         ·        Substance abuse treatment facilities (various, Orange County)

·         ·        Community mental health centers, one focusing on victims of crime (The Gary Center, La Habra, and La Vida Counseling Center, Santa Ana)

·        ·        Health care organization (Molina Healthcare, Long Beach)

 At each site I have helped those I supervise to put theory into practice by integrating their academic training into their field and early professional experience. In June 2016 I began supervising two ASWs independently, both of whom work in substance abuse treatment. Since November I have been providing licensure supervision to two IMFs for La Vida Counseling Center in Santa Ana, where the focus is victims of crime. In February I also began leading a licensure supervision group of eight ASW case managers for Molina Healthcare in Long Beach.

 I have completed both of the 15-unit continuing education courses required to supervise ASWs and IMFs. As part of my required continuing education units I have chosen to take multiple additional workshops on supervision.

Areas of Expertise

I currently provide mental health counseling at two community colleges and clinical supervision in a variety of settings (See “Supervision Experience,” above).

·         Mental Health

o   First position as an MSW was with Orange County Adult Outpatient Mental Health (similar to L.A. County’s Department of Mental Health)

o   Mental health counselor at community colleges for 15 years.

o   Clinical supervisor at agencies that required DMH and Medi-Cal compliance.

·         Children and Family Services and Child Abuse Prevention

o   Second position worked for Orange County Social Services Agency in the Child Protective Services Department (similar to DCFS).

o   Have also worked for private non-profit agencies focused on child abuse and domestic violence prevention and treatment.

o   At one such agency provided family preservation services to DCFS involved families, had frequent contact with county social workers at multidisciplinary planning meetings, and was involved in coordinating Wrap Around services.

o   As a result of the above, am familiar with the courts and with county child protection systems, protocols and reporting requirements.

·         Adoptions

o   Worked in the Adoptions Division for the majority of my time with Orange County Social Services Agency.

o   Conducted adoption home studies for two private adoption agencies.

·         Academia

o   Field Education Instructor (Liaison) for three years at California State University Long Beach and one year at California State University Fullerton.

o   Social Work Program Director and classroom instructor at Concordia University in Irvine.

Theoretical Approach

I tailor my approach to the client, depending on his/her level of insight and maturity, and to the person I am supervising. The theoretical approach I likely use most often is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am also strongly influenced by Narrative Therapy, Jungian and other Depth Psychology and Family Systems theory. I am comfortable supervising in the context of a variety of theoretical approaches and enjoy being introduced to new ones.

 I am very interested in the creative arts and creative approaches to therapy. I have taken a 60-hour “narradrama” therapy training which taught the combining of narrative therapy and the creative arts. This has provided me with unique approaches to suggest for supervisees to use with clients and innovative teaching techniques, allowing me to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. I also practice yoga and have attended Authentic Movement workshops, in which free-form movement is used for personal expression and to increase self-awareness.

 I am currently completing training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and plan to complete certification.

 Cultural diversity

As a social worker living and working in Southern California I have over two decades of professional experience in a variety of settings, with a culturally and social-economically diverse mix of clients and colleagues. Cultural sensitivity was strongly emphasized in my graduate MSW program, and I similarly emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity and self-awareness with those I teach and supervise. I enjoy learning about other cultures, and I am mindful of cultural issues when interacting with supervisees, clients and colleagues.


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