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Wanda L Pratt, LCSW potential for Video-conferencing for ASW and MFT Associates needing Clinical Supervision

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My name is Wanda Pratt.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have been providing clinical supervision since 2008.  I have been working in the profession for 20+ years.
I have a genuine  passion and love for the profession of social work and I never get tired of sharing this profession with others.
I practice Social Work Core Values and Ethical Principles in every aspect of my life.  I believe these core values and principles must be authentic in a social worker’s everyday experiences, in order to recognize the issues/concerns and advocate for the rights of individuals.  
I believe this profession acknowledges and addresses the basic needs of clients, thus  gifting them with the potential to thrive and survive in all other areas of life.
As a supervisor, my goal is to not only assist you in enhancing your clinical growth, development and skills, but to help you to process and  understand your clinical interventions and treatment plans by learning more about yourself and the impact you have on the lives of the clients serve.
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